What is TapInsights?

Understanding diversity and inclusion (D&I) is essential, especially with Gen Z’s emphasis on inclusivity. Diverse demographics demand acknowledgment and representation. TapIn’s D&I Research delves into workplace dynamics, offering insights into perceptions and areas for improvement. We focus on fostering belonging, guiding businesses to navigate D&I challenges and evolve for a more inclusive future.

How we do it differently.

TapIn is dedicated to crafting inclusive workplaces where every individual feels valued and empowered. Our D&I Research illuminates brand perspectives, highlighting effective practices and areas for growth. We’re committed to driving meaningful change, leveraging broad D&I knowledge and hands-on experience. Our projects, like the This is Black Gen Z Report, exemplify our commitment to actionable insights, fostering genuine belonging in today’s workforce.

Here’s how we’ve done it before

Back in 2022, we launched the largest report exploring the Black Gen Z experience, and last year were able to gain more nuanced insights considering intersectionality at the forefront of our research. How the experience of each demographic differed and what that meant for organisations implementing internal initiatives to engage a wider reach of their employees. Our insights prompted 100+ organisations to unite and discuss the future recommendations cross-industry. 

Gen Z Respondents
Black Gen Z Respondents