Cultivating awareness for the global healthcare company’s Industrial Placements & Graduate Schemes


To recruit diverse tech talent for their apprentice industrial placement program and tech graduate schemes across the UK.

The task was ambitious, and they turned to us for a solution. GSK is a science-led, global healthcare company that is on a mission to improve people’s quality of life by helping them to do more, feel better and live longer.  They revitalise their workforce every year by hiring groups of young people through industrial placements, graduate schemes and apprenticeships.

THe Solution

We launched an attraction campaign that spanned over the space of 6 months, designed to grow awareness of the applications for the GSK industrial placement programme and tech graduate scheme from diverse applicants across the UK. To do this, we hatched a brilliant influencer-driven campaign aimed squarely at tech-savvy Gen-Z audiences on Instagram and TikTok. We understood this generation doesn’t respond well to traditional ads, so we took a fresh approach. Leveraging the latest TikTok content trends, we enlisted influencers to breathe life into GSK’s tech roles. Paid media amplified our reach within the diverse tech community, all while maintaining an authentic, native feel. The campaign showcased the variety of placement and graduate opportunities within GSK and helped change young people’s perceptions of working for a global healthcare company.

The Impact

Not only did this campaign engage and drive a younger and more diverse audience towards GSK’s application, it also aided in boosting the brand to that audience and reaching the wider community with 32% of applicants from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

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