Diverse Community Growth

diverse community growth description

What is Diverse Community Growth?

Diverse Community Growth fosters relationships with young, diverse talent—an essential strategy for modern employers. TapIn takes a proactive approach, helping you cultivate your own diverse talent community. Leveraging data-driven insights and influencer partnerships, we connect you with diverse talent aligned with your brand, values, and culture.

How we do it differently.

We’ll identify where your are in the journey of growing a community and conceptualise the most suitable route to build upon, whether that’s via socials, email nurturing or in-person – we thrive off variety and acknowledge every demographic, every audience and every audience is different, has unique needs and interests to be catered for. We use data to shape our decision making to help grow your community with your established goals in mind. 

Here’s how we’ve done it before

Over a 12-month period, we helped Newton Europe expand onto a third platform, and improved their reach and engagement to create a community of young, diverse individuals interested in the world of consulting. They understood the importance of nurturing future potential talent, and to do that we consistently produced value-driven content, engagements and lives to boost their community. 

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