Travis Perkins

Attracting 1,000 hires for the UK’s Biggest Builders Merchants


Due to increased holiday uptake, Travis Perkins, one of the biggest builder’s merchants within the UK, found themselves short-staffed during the summer months of 2021.

They also wanted to take the opportunity to hire a younger and more diverse workforce – at the time, the average age of their employees was 45+. They wanted to hire 1,000 GenZ’s to fill these temporary 6-8 weeks positions, and we had one month to help them attract these applicants.

THe Solution

To create a solution, you have to first evaluate the problem. Knowing the pull that social media has on Gen Z, we started with an audit of their existing Instagram channel to see what content they were creating, and see how we could better tailor it for the audience they wanted to attract.

We used their instagram channel as a central hub to post creative content around the temporary summer roles they were offering. We created content that fit within the key pillars we defined for the campaign, introducing the roles while also supplying value-led content to attract and maintain their Gen-Z audience. Alongside this, we used some of our highly-engaged Instagram and Snapchat Influencers to attract a wide audience. These influencers were picked according to the client’s brief as well as their brand, as well as their ability to deliver the results and engagement we were aiming for.

The Impact

The campaign was a huge success. Not only did it generate high impressions and lead to a significant volume of candidates, it also helped Travis Perkins to reach Gen Z audiences and begin creating a relationship. But don’t trust us, take a look at the stats:

video interviews completed.

Know what they want - What are your motivations? when did you show teamwork? what financial markets are you following? how commercially aware are you? Recruiter will want to know all this information from you.


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We were also able to provide them with a diverse pool of talent from which to choose

were BAME  
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were female  
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were under the age of 25.
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