Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy


What is Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy?

D&I consultancy offers strategies for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. TapIn excels in diversity, equity, and inclusion consultancy, driven by a commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces. Our projects offer unique insights into attracting and retaining diverse talent. Through personalised consultations, we analyse your business and offer tailored recommendations spanning initiatives, support networks, mentorship programs, and hiring strategies.

How we do it differently.

We understand it’s never a one-size fits all approach – we take the time to understand your challenges, your barriers, your obstacles and explore what area being changed would have the most impact, either short-term, medium or long-term depending on your goals.

Here’s how we’ve done it before

We partnered with the Metropolitan Police Service for a two-part communications review, focusing on Brixton in the London Borough of Lambeth. Our objective was to assess and refine the MPS communications strategy through data analysis, with input from both MPS personnel and the local community feedback. Our efforts helped to shape their D&I lens when developing future comms plans to improve its communications in Brixton’s diverse community.

Months of Comms Analysis
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